Video Games UI Catalogue

Indexed catalogue of FPS HUD elements 1:1 scale + Essay on UI in video games

For the academic unit “Industry Practice”, I was tasked to gather information on my industry of choice in order to produce an outcome worthy of consideration for an eventual application.

My choice of Video Game UI Designer led me to research the position through documentaries, professional training, GDC talks, and direct interviews. I had, amongst the others, the honour of interviewing Piotr Michalczyk, UI Artist at Massive, author of my favourite UI system (TCTD).

I catalogued a number of FPS games and traced and tagged hundreds of HUD elements by release year, game modes, thematic setting, hardware… to allow the reader to enjoy and appreciate the evolution and intra-influence of the UI Design discipline. The publication includes a notebook with specifically developed guidelines for UI sketching and hand-design.

Would look amazing on your office shelves – maybe in the break room.